New marine ingredient corrects dark spots on all skin complexion types

B-LIGHTYL™ is a new unique sustainable macro algae extract which can revert pigmentation disorders

B-LIGHTYL™from Givaudan Active Beauty is the first gentle and powerful universal dark spot eraser crafted by Marine Biotechnology. Created from Himanthalia elongata, a brown macro-alga naturally sourced in Brittany, France, B-LIGHTYL™ is a natural ingredient addressing hyperpigmentation disorders in a preventive and curative way.

On a daily basis, environmental stress such as UV exposure and pollution as well as chronological ageing generate a loss of control in the pigmentation process, which ends up in the appearance of brown and dark spots on the surface of the skin. According to Givaudan Active Beauty’s recent global online consumer study, algae extract is perceived as one of the most effective ingredients with 45% of the Chinese beauty care users choosing it to reduce hyper pigmented spots, a prevailing skin concern that impacts over 70% of consumers worldwide.

Building on the consumers’ strong interest in clean and safe ingredients, Givaudan’s Marine Biotechnology and skin experts have designed B-LIGHTYL™: a unique and sustainable macro-alga extract which re-establishes the communication between fibroblasts and melanocytes, thereby reverting pigmentation disorders.

Clinical tests of B-LIGHTYL™

To evaluate the consumers’ benefits of B-LIGHTYL™ against dark spots and pigmentation disorders, three clinical tests were conducted in double blind versus placebo, on more than 100 volunteers from various ethnic skin types (Caucasian, Asian and African). B- LIGHTYL ™ induces a significant decrease of the melanin content in the dark spots of Caucasian volunteers (down to -12.6% in one month, more than twice better than placebo), a significant reduction of the number of visible spots on Asian skin (-156% in one month) and a significant decline of the melanin content in the hyperpigmentation spot (-327% in 2 months) on African skin.

Skin complexion boosting essence with B-LIGHTYL™

Givaudan Active Beauty experts has formulated an inspirational skin complexion boosting essence called S3D® OCEANIST. This luxurious formula combines B-LIGHTYL™ together with radiance booster, EUTECTYS™ Sea Fennel, and moisturising water rich in sea minerals sourced from Brittany (Eau de Source Marine). Its “fat water” texture – a 2020 new skincare trend – gives the product a consistency between the essence and the serum, and its delicate smell makes S3D® OCEANIST the perfect beauty product to smooth the skin, erase dark spots and even out complexion.

Himanthalia elongata macro-algae
About Himanthalia elongata

Himanthalia elongata is a macro-algae growing close to the Pink Granite Coast of Brittany, France. It uses the power of sunlight and captures atmospheric CO2 to produce its key constituents: marine polyphenols, and more specifically phlorotannins. Givaudan Active Beauty discovered that these powerful marine molecules can reactivate the expression of SDF-1, a key target in hyperpigmentation disorders. It makes this alga one of the most sustainable resources to develop a cosmetic ingredient able to gain control of the skin pigmentation process.

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