SYNCHRONIGHT protects the skin from digital stress

Givaudan Active Beauty launches pioneering natural active cosmetic ingredient that targets the effects of digital stress on the skin

Givaudan Active Beauty’s new breakthrough innovation is called SYNCHRONIGHT™ and is an active cosmetic ingredient made from gardenia fruit extract designed to protect the skin from digital stress.

SYNCHRONIGHT ™ is a powerful and dynamic ingredient, playing a significant role in protecting the skin to remain youthful and healthy. When the skin is exposed to digital stress such as blue light emitted by electronic devices, the ingredient acts as a shield against external aggressions allowing skin melatonin to play its natural role in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. SYNCHRONIGHT ™, which is activated by the microbiome, stimulates skin rejuvenation and preserves the natural skin melatonin release cycle, resulting in younger skin and better sleep.

SYNCHRONIGHT is developed at Green Fractionation Centre of Excellence in Avignon, France. Laurent Bourdeau, Head of Active Beauty, said: “Our accomplished scientific team in skin research and microbiomics identified a unique opportunity to bring this ingredient to life. Creating a natural ingredient with the strength to fight the effects of digital stress and improve sleep quality is a turning point for innovation in the beauty space today. We look forward to collaborating with our customers to create new meaningful beauty products that bring moments of delight throughout the day and night.”

SYNCHRONIGHT ™ will be launched in the form of a night cream called, “My Blue Guard High Performance” also featuring DreamScentz™, a fragrance technology aimed to enhance the sleep experience.

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