Relieve skin issues associated with mask-wearing

Givaudan launches MASKNYL™, a microbiome-activated express skin perfector crafted by white biotech letting skin breathe

MASKNYL™ is an active ingredient able to counteract redness, inflammation and hyperpigmentation due to mask-wearing. Crafted by white biotechnology and activated by the skin microflora, this phytoactive ingredient has been designed to reveal its efficacy in only 24 hours (1).

Relief for 'maskne' and related skin issues

Skin discomfort and sensitivity experienced by consumers around the world have been aggravated by the use of face masks during the Covid-19 pandemic. The warm, humid environment created by breathing inside a face mask creates the ideal microclimate for excessive bacterial growth, quickly generating pore obstructions and pimples. This is exacerbated by the constant rubbing of the mask and its straps, further inflicting redness and irritation.

Familiar to 74% (2) of consumers worldwide, the term ‘maskne’ refers not just to breakouts but a range of skin issues due to mask-wearing such as sensitivity, redness and inflammation. With more than 60% (1) of the population continuing to wear face masks for public transportation and indoor activities, consumers will need to take care of their skin more than ever before.

Mathias Fleury, Category Manager Givaudan Active Beauty: “MASKNYL™ is a phytoactive ingredient crafted from sophorin (phytomelin), a flavonoid with well-documented benefits in terms of antioxidant action, soothing and wound-healing. Already used in the cosmetic industry at limited dosage due to its poor solubility, biotechnology has enabled us to improve the bioavailability of sophorin (phytomelin) through glycosylation to craft MASKNYL™. This new China compliant molecule is activated by the skin microflora and improves solubility by a factor of 14,000, offering rapid efficacy in terms of soothing and anti-redness activity.”

Significant results in only 24 hours

Following activation by the skin microbiome, MASKNYL™ offers triple action on the skin at a biological level. Clinical tests on volunteers wearing masks demonstrated that the phytoactive is able to:

  • Visibly reduce red spots and heal skin inflammation in just 24 hours (in particular where a surgical mask has been worn), by -34,2% versus placebo
  • Control and reduce hyperpigmentation and brown spots in just four days (-3.5% versus placebo)
  • Improve skin comfort and texture, with 74% of panellists highlighting the fact that their skin was softer and less tight
Smart solution for cosmetic efficacy

Givaudan’s Active Beauty team has now crafted MASK TONIC, powered by MASKNYL™ to prevent all kinds of skin discomfort due to mask-wearing. Suitable for all skin types & family members (from 3 years old), even the most sensitive, our 92% natural-origin genderless day cream reduces redness and controls hyperpigmentation. Thanks to PRIMALHYAL™ 300 and UNITAMURON™ H22 Green, it protects, repairs and increases elasticity. Application of this light emulsion provides a delicate sensation of freshness, leaving skin perfectly hydrated even when covered.


(1) Proved by clinical test on volunteers wearing masks
(2) Masknyl™ Global CMI Study, Givaudan Active Beauty, Sept. 2021

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