OMEGABLUE®- new upcycled ingredient from wild bilberries dedicated to skin repair

Givaudan Active Beauty launches OMEGABLUE®, a cosmetic ingredient for advanced skin repair created from upcycled wild bilberries

OMEGABLUE® is crafted from upcycled seeds from wild bilberries and is a natural ingredient to revert skin dryness, irritation, and desquamation caused by lipid barrier damage.

As waste reduction is a new sustainable standard today, consumers are re-evaluating their daily routines, including their beauty regimes, to contribute to minimising waste overall. Actually, beauty consumers are already acting in that direction as cosmetic products containing recycled or upcycled ingredients are appealing to 69 % (1) of them, mostly in Brazil (80 %) and China (74%). Consumers are ready to go forward, pushing upcycling beauty products as a top trend for the years to come, without compromising the main needs of their skin protection.

Traditionally used by the food industry for their juice and sugar, bilberries are also an amazing source of anthocyanidins extracted from the pulp and fruit skin for the supplement and pharma industries. Furthermore, the tiny seeds of the berries contain up to 20 % of linoleic acid (omega-6) and α-linolenic acid (omega-3) in an optimal ratio; these compounds being known both for their capabilities to improve hydration and skin barrier functionality.

Figure of upcycling process from bilberry seeds to Omegablue active ingredient
Topical soothing agent for sensitive and damaged skin

Crafted by a supercritical CO2 procedure in an upcycled process from the seeds of this unique Vaccinum myrtillus berry, OMEGABLUE® was developed as a topical soothing agent for sensitive and damaged skin. It effectively calms skin discomfort in a transient or curative way and contains sebum-like essential fatty acids forming a protective barrier from external agents.

The efficacy of OMEGABLUE® has been shown in surfactant-induced depletion during clinical tests. After 3 days from the damage, the treated area has completely restored the skin barrier function. OMEGABLUE® is also significantly performant on chronic inflammation challenged skin (psoriasis) as it significantly decreases erythema severity down to 27 % and scales formation by 28 % in four weeks. Even better results are shown on eczema challenged skin condition as erythema severity decreased by 37.5 % and itch rating by 42.8 %. Additionally, the PASI (Psoriasis Area Severity Score) and EASI (Eczema Area Severity Score) are markedly ameliorated by 27 % and 35 % respectively.

OMEGABLUE® concept example

The extremely light and silky touch of OMEGABLUE® has been formulated in S.O. Smooth, Givaudan shower oil crafted to highlight the power of this upcycled ingredient in a body care application. The formula will clean and protect the skin from external aggressions. Enriched with chia oil, a natural ingredient that gently nourishes, it will restore and maintain the skin barrier (OMEGABLUE®) to bring the skin back to its comfort zone.

OMEGABLUE® is part of the Givaudan Active Beauty’s upcycling collection launched in October 2020. This collection includes 8 other functional ingredients in various categories.

OMEGABLUE® activity
  • Prevents dryness, irritation and desquamation,
  • Acts as anti-ageing and restructurant agent,
  • Restores the lipidic barrier.

(1) CMI Global Study May 2020

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