NOOTROPICS: mind-boosting botanical extracts for happier and healthier skin

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils NOOTROPICS, a collection of six natural and sustainable botanical extracts formulated to meet the skin-care and well-being needs of a new generation of beauty consumers

Givaudan Active Beauty presents NOOTROPICS, a collection of six natural and traceable extracts featuring Guarana, Ginger, Green tea, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo and Green coffee, well-known among the industry and consumers for their impressive functions as food supplements and their cosmetic properties. From soothing and purifying to moisturising and well-ageing, they each possess powerful benefits when formulated into cosmetics offering consumers natural and sustainable alternatives.

For consumers, happiness is considered the ultimate expression of well-being and most of them express high interest in finding new ways to reduce stress levels. Globally known, yet more specifically in China, Nootropics are mind boosting supplements able to improve executive functions such as memory, creativity and motivation. Not only dedicated to food supplements, NOOTROPICS also bear impressive properties for the beauty industry.

Our skin needs daily protection from both environmental stressors and internal factors which greatly injure its appearance. More consumers are looking for natural solutions allowing them to meet the needs of their skin to guarantee a “feeling good” appearance. In fact, according to Givaudan’s recent market study (1), 93% of consumers believe that natural is at least as effective as chemical and synthetic ingredients, if not more.

Melanie Duprat, Global Category Manager said: “Right after food supplements, skin care is the second most popular vehicle for products mentioning “nootropic”. Our consumer insights study (1) confirms that globally, 81% of consumers agree that well-being is connected to the beauty of the skin. Furthermore, 88% of consumers globally have used food supplements, especially in China, where they put a greater emphasis on well-being in their life. With the large increase of food supplements consumption, the use of those natural extracts into beauty products will interest consumers.”

green tea leaves, fresh ginger, gotu cola leaves, ginkgo leaves, guarana seeds
The NOOTROPICS collection: the “6 giants”

Givaudan NOOTROPICS collection introduces six natural mind-boosting botanicals extracts for happier and healthier skin which they call the “6 Giants”:

Green Tea – the well-ageing agent
Sustainably sourced in the preserved land of Sichuan in China, Green tea extract provides the best antioxidant activity and is an excellent cosmetic active for well-ageing.

Ginger – the regenerating ingredient
Freshly harvested and sun dried for more than 40 days before extraction, Givaudan’s ginger extract is perfect for regenerating and calming skin care products.

Guarana – the powerful seed
Sustainably sourced in Brazil with 100% traceability guaranteed with Bahia origin, the company’s RitualEssenz™ Brazilian Guarana is rich in caffeine (9-11%) – a much higher percentage than coffee beans (1-2%). This ingredient provides perfect antioxidant and anti-dark circles activity.

Green Coffee – the invigorating ingredient
Working with suppliers that only use manual harvest allows Givaudan to get the best quality of raw material. Rich in phenolic and chlorogenic acids, green coffee is known for its topical anti-ageing and firming applications, as well as a marked slimming action.

Ginkgo – the resistant leaf
Cultivated in the province of Jiangsu in China and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 4,000 years to increase vital energy, Ginkgo extract appears to be an excellent antioxidant ingredient.

Gotu Kola – the natural toning plant
Sustainably sourced and hand-picked by local communities in Madagascar, Gotu Kola is an adventitious plant well-known for its anti-wrinkle and calming properties.

Sustainable sourced botanical extracts

Givaudan Active Beauty’s sourcing approach allows them to build strong relationships with local farmers and communities for many of their ingredients. With that in mind, Givaudan partners with local suppliers dedicated to sustainable practices, to preserve and to show love for nature through impactful actions.

(1) Givaudan Active Beauty Nootropic Global CMI Study, Nov. 2020

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