CENTELLA CAST reduces stretch marks naturally

Givaudan Active Beauty launches CENTELLA CAST, an active cosmetic ingredient that naturally reduces the appearance of stretch marks

Givaudan Active Beauty introduces CENTELLA CAST, the natural remodelling partner crafted by green fractionation from one of the most well-known medicinal plants, Centella Asiatica. Acting on the mechanisms responsible for the formation of stretch marks, this hero ingredient of choice acts on four different levels to restore skin elasticity, density, and firmness, reducing the appearance of stretch marks for all consumers.

Often considered as an unavoidable side effect of pregnancy, stretch marks or striae can develop on the skin at any age for both women and men. Up to 86% (1) of Americans experience stretch marks during puberty and one in two (2) women during pregnancy. This global skin condition, which is not physically dangerous or disabling, can lead to self- confidence issues. For example, 71% (3) of women in France say to be concerned about the appearance of stretch marks.

Skin damage in stretch marks is normally focused on the dermis, where we can observe disruption of the normal elastic fibre network, altered collagen fibre, loss of fibre organisation and orientation, and erythema. As a result, the skin appears less firm and malleable with visible stretch marks. CENTELLA CAST efficiently counteracts these issues and helps skin regain elasticity and firmness. Thanks to these multiple mechanisms, it may also be applied head to toe featuring a global firming, anti-sagging effect.

CENTELLA CAST has been clinically tested on women and demonstrates significant epidermal and dermal improvements at four different levels:

  • Epidermal thickness at the centre of stretch marks (+39%)
  • Skin elasticity (+62%)
  • Skin microcirculation (+162%)
  • Skin appearance (+42%)

Would you like to give it a try? To highlight the benefits of Centella CAST, Givaudan Active Beauty team has specially formulated an inspiring concept: Body Confidence. This light and delicate emulsion will reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improve overall skin’s collagen content, and fade the colour of stretch marks over time.

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(1) Oakley A. et al, NCBI Bookshelf, 2022
(2) Medical News Today– Press article, 2018
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