Vitafoods 2016: news from our suppliers

16 June 2016

Vitafoods 2016: news from our suppliers

A wide range of Alsiano’s suppliers showcased their latest innovations at the recent global nutraceutical event

From 10-12 May the Vitafoods Europe show took place in Geneva with 900 suppliers showing their latest innovations within ingredients, raw materials, products and technologies to approx. 18,000 buyers, influencers, scientists, and R&D professionals.

Here is a brief summary of what our suppliers presented at Vitafoods:


Davos, part of KLK OLEO, showcased their DavosLife Naturale3 Tocotrienols which are extracted from non-GMO palm oil fully traceable to the RSPO certified plantations of its parent company. They are 100% natural, using proprietary state-of-the-art technology that maintains tocotrienols’ original chemical forms throughout the entire extraction and purification processes while ensuring the highest purity levels. They contain a balanced full spectrum formula of all four natural tocotrienol isomers (alpha, beta, gamma, and delta). This tocotrienol complex is gamma-tocotrienol rich, with no artificial additives or preservatives added.

EPO has added a new extract to its product range, Violapur, which has a long history of use for skin care due to its soothing properties and anti-inflammatory action. Another topic at EPO’s stand was the company’s ever expanding range of DNA certified extracts.

Frutarom presented various interesting health ingredients including AB Fortis microencapsulated iron for iron fortification, which does not have the metallic taste and unpleasant gastro-intestinal tract side-effects that is often associated with iron supplements. Other product shown were Neuravena green oat extract for mental fitness and cognitive performance in stressful situations, Mentarillo contributing to the improvement of memory, learning and mood, CitrOlive for cardiovascular health and Nutrafur citrus extracts including CitroT, the soluble extract with high bioflavonoid content well suited for beverages. 

Grap’Sud showcased their range of grape and olive polyphenols: exGrape SEED, exGrape TOTAL, and Olivex. exGrape SEED is a natural standardised procyanidins extract made from selected grape seeds harvested exclusively in France. exGrape TOTAL is a natural standardised polyphenol extract made from selected French grapes, offering guaranteed content of procyanidins, anthocyanins and resveratrol. This product presents a polyphenolic profile very similar to the one of red wine. Olivex, a natural standardised polyphenol extract made from selected French olives offers guaranteed content of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol. Coming exclusively from the fruit, Olivex provides the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Jost presented its broad range of high purity specialty chemicals for food, food supplements, nutrition and infant formulas. Among the products was the new granulated calcium citrate 80% which is developed specifically for chewable tablets enabling a non-gritty mouthfeel. All Jost minerals comply with the strictest regulations in the food, nutrition, clinical and infant nutrition markets. 

Ingredia launched its new bioactive, PRODIET Lactoferrin, the purest lactoferrin on the market. Lactoferrin is a protein occurring naturally in milk and human secretions. This glycoprotein has a high iron binding capacity which provides antimicrobial activity. Moreover, Lactoferrin has shown real benefits in immune health, gut health and skin health.

Seppic launched SEPIFIT™ PROTECT, an ingredient dedicated to muscle recovery and protection. SEPIFIT™ PROTECT contributes to the protection of muscle cells against both fatigue and damage caused by sport, thus optimising recovery and performance for athletes. Its effectiveness is based on a complex synergy of ingredients selected to block cellular oxidation mechanisms and their harmful consequences on the cell.

Vidya Herbs, producer of high quality herbal extracts, essential oils and spice oleoresins, showcased their new highly bioavailable turmeric extract, Vi-Active, standardised at 95% curcuminoids and formulated with vegetable fats as natural bio-enhancers. Vi-Active is clinically proven to have more bioavailable curcumin than a standard extract. In-vitro assays have assessed the anti-oxidant, DNA-protective, anti-winkle, and skin-lightening activities of Vi-Active turmeric extract.


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