SO.F.TER Italy obtains CSTB approval for window gaskets

23 November 2016

SO.F.TER Italy obtains CSTB approval for window gaskets

Two specific grades for the production of resistant, durable and non-stainable gaskets

SO.F.TER introduces the new LAPRENE (TPE-S) for production of gaskets for windows and glazed facades, approved by the prestigious French certification authority CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment).


The new products, LAPRENE 83E200A60/CB (natural colour) and LAPRENE 83E29ZA60/CB (black colour), have been developed to meet the high quality standards of the gaskets for the building sector. The main strengths for the new LAPRENE are:


  • High elasto-mechanical properties
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • UV resistance
  • Durable performance


Moreover, thanks to the special formulation, the gaskets leave no stain on adjoining surfaces and can be installed on any kind of window fixtures (wooden, aluminium, PVC).


Both approved grades have successfully passed rigorous physical-chemical controls, UV ageing tests, and temperature resistance tests as prescribed by the CSTB standard EC02, obtaining the approval as materials of “Class 4 +5 “ (the highest of the standard), with operating temperatures from -25°C  to 100 °C.


CSTB is one of the most important French certification authorities for the building and construction sector. The CSTB approval is a fundamental requirement to operate in the French market and is recognised at European level as a synonym for product and process quality.

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