SEPIFIT Protect - recovery & performance

17 June 2016

SEPIFIT Protect - recovery & performance

Seppic has launched a new active complex offering complete muscle protection against fatigue and damage induced by exercise

Intense or prolonged exercise induces multiple phenomena at the muscle cellular level translating into perceptible signs such as a decrease in strength or soreness. Ultimately, the athlete may note a decrease in performance, poor recovery and difficulties getting back to daily training.


As a synergistic complex, SEPIFIT Protect prevents both muscle fatigue and muscle damage at the cellular level. Central to this action lies a multiple antioxidant mechanism. SEPITFIT Protect contributes to limiting the negative effects of exercise and enhancing performance and recovery.


Food supplements with SEPIFIT Protect can easily be formulated and bring friendly and attractive concepts to the consumers.


Proprietary in vitro data on key biomarkers of muscle fatigue and damage

SEPPIC’s innovation center has developed a proprietary in vitro model able to mimic physical exercise and its consequences on human muscle fibres.


The combination of antioxidants present in SEPIFIT Protect significantly and greatly reduces the release of lactate and Interleukin 6 (IL-6) induced by exercise. It also significantly prevents the decrease of theintercellular Creatine Kinase (CK) activity induced by exercise.


Formulation made easy

SEPIFIT Protect has been specifically designed for food supplements taking formulators’ needs and particular constraints of tablet and capsules into account. It comes in a powder form with high stability guaranteeing good homogeneity in formulas. The recommended daily dose can easily fit in a single tablet or capsule for good consumer compliance. It is also compatible with stick packs and bulk powders for instant drinks.


Thanks to its muscle protection benefits, SEPIFIT Protect can be used in pre- and post-workout fomulas or in multivitamins for active people. It can also bring an additional feature to products targeting performance.


  • Efficacy on key biomarkers of muscle fatigue and damage
  • Synergistic  active complex
  • Proprietary in vitro model
  • Easy to formulate in food supplements
  • Approved for use in food supplements and in the EU/Authorised health claims
  • Approved for use in food supplements in the US
  • No GMO/no WADA substance/vegan
  • Manufactured in France

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