RIBUS, Inc. focuses on clean labels and sustainability

RIBUS, Inc. focuses on clean labels and sustainability

05 September 2014

Consumers continue to seek alternatives to artificial, “chemistry lab” sounding ingredients, and this has sent the sales of natural and organic on a sharp rise, including RIBUS’ rice hull derived anti-caking agent and rice-bran derived natural emulsifier

Even though the November 3, 2014 deadline for swapping silicon dioxide for organic rice hulls is approaching rapidly for organic food and beverage manufacturers in the United States, manufacturers and consumers appear to be most concerned with clean labels.

While the sale of organic products and ingredients is going straight up with growth expected to continue through 2018*, natural sales are going up even faster and higher and this comes at a time when the consumer is more informed than ever.  Thanks to the internet and social media, people are getting concerned with what they’re putting into their bodies and what RIBUS and other ingredient producers are offering is a natural alternative to the “chemistry-lab” sounding words that are so often associated with synthetics.

As cleaner ingredients come to the fore, so does the demand for responsible practices for harvesting and processing them.  Given that 30% of our food supply globally is thrown away each year – either owing to spoilage or excess food that’s thrown away - manufacturers and suppliers are looking for ways to more efficiently use and make ingredients and raw materials. Sustainability is indeed a point which RIBUS addresses with their line of products as they contribute to the use of 100% of harvested rice:  70% of the rice plant is white rice, 10% is bran which RIBUS is able to use to make new rice products and baked products, and 20% is the rice hull which RIBUS uses for its natural anti-caking agent.

Bottom line, the growing demand for additive-free (no E-numbers) foods is changing the global food and drink industry and producers need to stay on top of these trends to avoid geting left behind.

* TechSci Research