Powerful thickeners & stabilisers

05 May 2014

Powerful thickeners & stabilisers

Accel Carrageenan Corporation offers quality food-grade semi-refined carrageenan for whatever application needed

Accel Carrageenan Corporation (ACC), formerly known as Rico Philippines Industrial Corporation, is one of the biggest producers of food grade carrageenan in the Phillipines and offers a broad range for customers worldwide.

ACC utilises Eucheuma species due to abundant supply of materials in the Phillipines’  tropical regions and produces kappa carrageenan from Eucheuma Cottonii and iota carrageenan from Eucheuma Spinosum seaweeds.

Carrageenan with its numerous properties plays an important role in various food as well as non-food applications. ACC offers the following range of carrageenan for food applications:

•    Stabilises cocoa suspension at very low concentrations
•    Imparts homogeneous appearance and texture to chocolate milk
•    Provides excellent mouthfeel and flavour release

Ice-cream: CELLAMIX
•    Imparts homogenous meltdown
•    Prevents precipitation of milk protein
•    Controls ice crystal formation
•    Contributes to overrun, ease of extrusion and all-over body of finished product
•    Contributes to the smooth texture and creamy mouthfeel

Gels / desserts: CELLAMIX
•    Provides a complete range of texture
•    From soft to elastic to brittle gels
•    Forms gel at room temperature
•    Contributes to gel clarity

Meat & poultry: CELLAGEL & CELLAMIX
•    High water binding capacity
•    Reduced purge
•    Reduced cooking loss
•    Increased yield
•    Uniform product stability
•    Better slice-ability
•    Freeze-thaw stability

Pet food – CELLABIND
•    Reduces syneresis in the food
•    Excellent sheen to finished product
•    Binds meat particles effectively
•    Adds richness to the gravy
•    Maintains uniform suspension
•    Easy unmolding from the can
•    Prevents fat separation during processing
•    Uniform moisture throughout the can


Quality assurance
To ensure the highest quality standard of carrageenan products, ACC’s quality assurance processes are built on the concepts of ISO 9001:2008 standard with the guiding principle of the HACCP system. The modern and well-equipped quality assurance laboratory ensures that all products are pure, safe and effective and released only after thorough analysis based on stringent specifications, methods and procedures developed according to international guidelines.


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