Not just an active, an API

25 June 2019

Not just an active, an API

TECA Pharma’s regenerative properties can be applied to many applications

In 1958, the first medicine based on TECA™ Pharma obtained its marketing authorization, demonstrating the efficacy, safety and quality of this API. Since then, several medicines have been launched with this API of which applications include:


Topical use: healing of wounds, burns, ulcers, scar treatment and prevention of scar tissue.

Oral use: symptoms alleviation and prevention in chronic venous insufficiency and diabetic microangiopathy.


New developments

The regenerative properties of TECA™ Pharma can be applied to a whole range of new applications, where it can bring a real benefit to patients:


  • Acne scar healing
  • Mucosae applications: hemorrhoids, after vaginal infection, buccal/gingival lesions …
  • Any situation where a disease or a treatment brings cutaneous / mucosal damages.


TECA™ Pharma has a potential in relation to many unmet needs, one such example being the diabetic foot ulcer. Asiaticoside, a major constituent of TECA™ Pharma, has been shown to facilitate diabetic wound healing. Several candidates based on Centella asiatica are now being evaluated for such conditions. 


A reliable active

TECA™ Pharma is a highly purified extract manufactured under a GMP-certified process. An ASMF (Active Substance Master File) is deposited in several European countries to facilitate the regulatory filing of customers.



60 years of efficacy & safety in pharmaceutical applications

  • Topical use: wound healing, burns, ulcers, scars
  • Oral use: venous insufficiency
  • For pharmaceutical & medical device development





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