Meet our suppliers at FI Europe 2015

20 November 2015

Meet our suppliers at FI Europe 2015

There will be plenty of opportunity to meet Alsiano’s suppliers when Europe’s largest trade fair for food ingredients starts in Paris on 1 December

Most of Alsiano’s suppliers will be in place at this year’s FI Europe in Paris from 1-3 December at Villepinte Parc des Expositions ready to showcase their ingredients and latest innovations.


Alsiano suppliers in the New Product Zone

Like previous years, there will also be a New Product Zone where product innovations from leading industry players are displayed. In this area, you will find 3 of Alsiano’s suppliers:


Sethness-Roquette presents their innovative caramel colour range – Caradvanced® and Carasweet® – offering innovative properties and compatibilities. These products allow multiple usages for new applications and clean label solutions.


Ingredia highlights the creaminess booster PROMILK 600 A in a high-protein dairy bar for a tasty and great mouthfeel. It is part of the PROMILK milk protein line which offers a wide range of functionalities.


Fiberstar displays Citri-Fi 100, the natural citrus fibre from citrus pulp used to provide clean label gelling properties in high sugar, low pH applications such as fillings, fruit preparations for yogurt and fruit spreads. Citri-Fi 100 may replace or extend pectin and does not require pre-hydration or calcium to gel. Also nominated for a FI Europe Innovation award.



Alsiano suppliers at Food Ingredients Europe 2015


At FI Europe you can meet the following of our suppliers:



Inulin, oligofructose, isomalt, palatinose and rice derivatives and concentrates.


Chaucer Foods - 6O102

Freeze-dried ingredients and bread products.


Fiberstar - 6I75

Citri-Fi functional ingredients from dried orange pulp enabling food manufacturers to improve profit margins, quality, nutrition and label declaration.


Futaste Europe - 6P69

Xylitol, erythritol, maltitol and d-xylose.


Grap’Sud - 6O83

Grape skin colour, wine extracts, grape juice concentrate, grape and olive polyphenols and grape seed extract.


ICL (BK Giulini) - 7J73

Phospates and phosphate blends.


ID Food - 7B39

Fruit and vegetable fibres.


Ingredia - 6K34

Innovative milk proteins and functional systems for the food industry.


Jost Chemical - 6F128

More than 250 mineral salts manufactured under cGMP that routinely meet very low levels of Pb, As, Hg & Cd.


Limagrain C. I. - 6I49

Functional cereal based ingredients for bakery, snacks, breakfast cereals and convenience foods. See more on page 5


Loryma - 6R59

Textured wheat protein for formulation of vegetarian products with perfect meat-like texture.


Nimbus Foods - 7K99

High quality decorations, toppings and inclusions for the food industry.


Nutritis - 6O83

Rectified grape juice concentrate, natural fruit sugars and fructose from fruit (co-exhibiting with Grap’Sud).


PB Gelatins - 6E25

A complete range of gelatine including cold soluble gelatines, hydrolysates and other specialities.


Pevesa Biotech - 7C45

Protein isolates, hydrolysate and concentrates using own natural patented technology – see page 7.


Pulviver - 7I35

Instant egg powders that make dispersing, whipping or binding much easier.


Ribus - 6M89

Natural organic ingredients from rice. Functional solutions for conventional, natural and certified organic products improving costs, increasing efficiency and enabling clean label statements.


Seppic - 7C43

Active ingredients with demonstrated health benefits, stevia sweetener and SEPICOAT and SEPIFILM coating solutions for tablets.


Setexam - 6R18

High quality range of agar-agar including their latest innovation Naturagar – organic agar.


Sethness-Roquette - 6P5

A wide range of caramel colour, burnt sugars, and caramelised sugar syrups.


TasteTech - 6K111

Encapsulated food ingredients and natural flavourings in spray-dried, liquid and encapsulated form.


Taura Natural Ingredients - 6L59

Fruit inclusions – pieces, flakes, shapes and paste – produced by use of their patented URC® technology.


Vidya Herbs - 7D8

Manufacturer and supplier of 100% natural plant extracts, oils and oleoresins. Top products: Turmeric, Bilberry 25%, Saffron 20%, Green Coffee, Green Tea, Ginger, Naittokinase.


Willy Benecke - 6P82

One of the world's leading suppliers of acacia gum and natural gums. The company produces approx. 4000 tons of premium spray-dried acacia gum powder per annum.

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