Macro trends & flavour trends 2017

26 April 2017

Macro trends & flavour trends 2017

Alternative sweeteners and craft-style products are among the 2017 macro trends identified by flavour specialist Ungerer, who also reveals which beverage flavours to keep an eye on

Ungerer Limited is a global market leader producing and supplying fragrances, flavours, essential oils and aroma chemicals. Based on research, the flavour specialist has identified the macro trends and the flavour trends for 2017. 


Macro trends 2017

Artisanal/Craft/Local: The Artisanal/Craft trend is all about tradition, nostalgia and authentic, old-fashioned food preparation. 50% of global consumers (1) want to see more craft-style beverages on cocktail menus. As a result, fancy fizzy sodas paired with fresh flavours such as passion fruit, lavender and natural ingredients are expected to play a key role. 

Clean Label: Consumers are increasingly reading labels and seeking out “simpler” products with a shorter ingredients list that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavours.


Super foods: There was a 202% increase (2) in the number of food and drink products launched globally containing the terms “superfood”, “superfruit” or “supergrain” from 2011 to 2015.

Alternative sweeteners: Sugar is currently under the microscope after being demonised by the media and health campaigners for its negative effect on health, particularly its links to obesity and diabetes. Natural sweeteners being used by the market include, amongst others, Stevia, lucuma, honey, fruit juice, maple syrup, and molasses. 

Africa: African flavour profiles are as diverse as the hundreds of different cultures and groups that inhabit the continent. With unusual spice blends and bold flavours, ingredients and techniques from Northern Africa have emerged as the new ethnic inspiration for flavours and product ideas. 


Citrus flavours are year round popular flavours


Flavour trends 2017


Floral & botanical: Floral and botanical flavours have become increasingly popular after an increasing consumer demand for more delicate sophisticated flavours. These flavours are also proving to be somewhat of an anti-thesis to the overly sweet products that are proving less popular with the ongoing sugar debate.


Vegetable: This trend began with the blending of fruits and vegetables in healthy smoothies, as a way for consumers to fit in as much of their 5-a-day into a drink that was easily consumed and also, most importantly, tasty. This trend is now crossing into other categories, e.g. yoghurt and crisps. 


Black: Black flavours and colours are leading the way in vivid colours! From ice cream to rice, yoghurt to water, this is a trend that is emerging globally. Charcoal infused water was launched in Australia late last year. Black yoghurt was launched in China in July 2016, which uses black grains, seeds and bean powder to give its distinctive hue. 

Watermelon: Cold-pressed watermelon juice and watermelon flavours are widely expected to lead the popularity for watermelon in 2017. This has had an effect on watermelon’s profile; other markets such as the confectionery sector are also predicted to increase. Global watermelon sales have grown 30% over 2016 (3) and this is expected to further grow and challenge coconut flavoured products over the next 18 months. 

Citrus resurgence: While citrus is a year round popular flavour, certain flavours such as grapefruit are poised to have a bigger and better 2017 than previous years (4). Due to consumer’s growing health perceptions in the beverage and flavour industry, the demand for citrus flavours is growing. Citrus flavours have capitalised on the growth of premium beverages. Industry experts have reported premium beverages increasing in sales, despite a weaker economy. This could be due to consumers looking for an indulgence or way to feel special while drinking. Grapefruit is an emerging trend in the food industry, and is forecasted to be one of the most popular citrus flavours by 2019. 

Flavour expert in citrus & functional ingredient systems
Ungerer is a family owned flavour company dating back to 1893. They are experts in citrus and functional ingredient systems including solutions for sugar reduction. Ungerer’s sugar reduction technologies are declared as natural flavourings and can be used in combination with stevia.


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