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Fragrance on the move

Fragrance on the move

15 January 2019

New inspiring fusion of fine fragrances and cosmetics enabling consumers to rethink their daily beauty routine

Givaudan Active Beauty has created “Fragrance on the move”, an innovative concept including four products merging cosmetics and fine fragrances to enhance beauty and to provide inspiration, delight and astonishment.

As consumers begin to demand more than a regular skin routine, Givaudan Active Beauty has developed four new products dedicated to one specific part of the body, combining more than 10% of fragrance, crafted by Givaudan’s fine fragrances perfumers in Paris, and skincare to enhance the daily beauty routine of customers.

Attraction: A neck and décolleté lotion to unveil new seduction supremacy Featuring Megassane®, a skin tone highlighter and Neuro-phroline®, an overall skin stress control, Attraction protects the neck and décolleté while brightening the aura. The musky, spicy and woody olfactive notes will seduce you!

Perfection: A dry body oil SPF 20 to revive the body’s beauty. Featuring Nyamplung oil, a precious oil, Questice® Liquid, a long lasting body cooler and Uniprotect® PT-3, a powerful skin protector against UV, Perfection protects and repairs the skin from all external aggressions. Fruity top notes enhanced with several marine notes will leave you dreaming about summer.

Affirmation: A hair elixir to beautify the hair and leave a precious mark with its floral, fruity and woody olfactive notes! Featuring ResistHyal®, a 7-in-1 hair beauty enhancer, Kendi Oil, a miraculous oil and Glossyliance™ a hair shine ingredient, Affirmation brings softness, hydration and volume to hair with a glossy effect.

Sensation: A light legs mist to let the freshness transport oneself Featuring Evercool® skin, an advanced cooling technology, Sensation has a unique long-lasting freshness power including aromatic, green and fruity olfactive notes that let you feel invigorated and hydrated… glamorously.