Extruded products with a multitude of opportunities

20 March 2015

Extruded products with a multitude of opportunities

Bressmer offers a broad line of extruded products in various forms – also gluten-free and organic – and tailored to customers’ requirements

The German company Bressmer produces crispies in different shapes, sizes and colours as well with different ingredients, flavours and coatings. The coatings are from flavours of natural sources. Likewise the flavour can be kept inside of the extruded product if the outer surface shall be kept in a natural appearance, or to allow a slow expansion of the flavour during the consumption. Next to Bressmer’s standard products, they are able to develop and manufacture individual extruded products for special usage.


The products are available in conventional quality and from organic farming and the line also includes gluten-free variants. The extruded products are excellent in many applications, e.g. in bakery, confectionery, breakfast cereals and snacks.



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