Excipients: Calcium phosphates

Excipients: Calcium phosphates

19 November 2014

Together with Canberra Chemicals, Alsiano offers a line of calcium phosphates at competitive prices

Canberra Chemicals, founded in 1975, is an India-based manufacturer of calcium phosphates with manufacturing facilities that comprise state-of-the-art equipment and a fully equipped laboratory operated by a highly skilled staff.

Canberra manufactures the following types of calcium salts of phosphoric acid:
•    Dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate/anhydrous
•    Tribasic calcium phosphate

Dibasic calcium phosphate
The unmilled granules of dibasic calcium phosphate have excellent flow properties and an ideal compressibility index with a nearly 70% retention at 100 ASTM and fines below 5% at 325 ASTM. This makes it ideal for direct compression tableting formulations. For applications exceeding 45°C, the anhydrous form is preferred.

Tribasic calcium phosphate
This is a bulky powder with an ideal Ca/P ratio of 2:1 for better bio-availability in calcium supplements. The crystalline powder is manufactured by a special process that gives it high porosity. This high porosity makes it ideal for application as an anticaking agent.

All Canberra phosphates conform to California Proposition 65 regarding lead and fluorine levels. It is also worth mentioning that for direct compression into tablets, Canberra can offer calcium phosphates with specific particle sizes tailored to the customer’s need.

Canberra calcium phosphates are sold to pharmaceutical companies in India, USA, Western Europe, and other markets. The main scope of application includes:

•    Excipient in direct compression, wet granulation and tableting
•    Calcium mineral supplement
•    Pharmaceutical acids in calcium phosphate preparation

•    Anticaking agent
•    Calcium mineral supplement


Canberra Chemicals phosphates are


  • pure white coloured products free of black particles
  • free from fungi, bacteria and other biological impurities
  • manufactured under rigid quality standards with strict adherence to GMP and fully tested for all parameters