E-number free liquid injection & tumbling mix

20 March 2015

E-number free liquid injection & tumbling mix

Food Ingredients & Specialities B.V. has launched a new unique product free of allergens which can be applied to all meat-type applications

By Food Ingredients & Specialities B.V,


Lib20 V2 is a new unique liquid injection and tumbling mix which is completely e-number free. This unique product is new within the market and has the distinctive feature that it does not contain any allergens.


The product can be injected or tumbled at a rate up to 30% and has been developed for use in the processing of fish, poultry and meat products.


Lib20 V2 has a pH enhancing function and as a result it has a positive influence on the water retention properties of proteins. Therefore, it is very often used as a phosphate replacer in all kind of applications.


Lib20 V2 is colourless and tasteless in the end product, and can be used for brine additions.

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