Chia - the best plant source of omega-3

20 March 2015

Chia - the best plant source of omega-3

EU Novel Food approved BENEXIA CHIA OIL provides essential fatty acids to consumers in a reliable and sustainable way

Omega-3 deficiency in modern lifestyle is a global concern as our diets are becoming increasingly “convenience” based with higher levels of saturated fats and decreasing amounts of omega-3 intake in favour of Omega-6. Omega-3 is not only good for our health. It is essential to the body and needs to be reintroduced in our modern food. Benexia Chia Oil is an effective and natural innovative solution for bringing balance to the omega-6/omega-3 score.


A revolution in human nutrition

Benexia Chia Oil is a highly pure oil coming from premium chia seeds which undergo a cold-press extraction and filtering process in order to ensure very low levels of acidity and peroxides.


As a vegetable source of omega-3 and thanks to eco-friendly growing practices, Benexia provides no negative impact on the eco-system and there are no restrictions on use. Made from chia, which is the richest source of omega-3 found in nature, it provides essential fatty acids to consumers in a reliable and sustainable way.


EU novel food approved

In October 2014 The European Commission approved Benexia Chia Oil as a novel food for use in food supplements and substituting other plant fats and oils in foods and drink applications. It can now be incorporated into a range of food and beverage applications replacing up to 10% of plant oils, depending on application, and in food supplements (2 g/day). Benexia Chia Oil is produced by Functional Product Trading S.A. in Chile and is exclusively distributed in Europe and Asia by Ingredia Nutritional.


Outstanding functional properties

Benexia Chia Oil has a high oxidative stability which is 5 times that of fish oil and 1.5 times that of flax seed. The oil has a delicious nutty taste without any odour or after-taste. It is in liquid form at ambient temperature, heat stable and clean label.


Benexia Chia Oil is suited for use in bread, baked goods, breakfast cereals, cereal bars and pasta, etc.



  • Highest quality oil 100% pure and natural
  •  Very sustainable source compared to fish oil
  • > 60% of total fat is Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), the only essential omega-3 fatty acid (flax seed oil contains 54% and canola oil 11%)
  • Ratio omega-6:omega-3 = 1:3
  • No toxicity, no anti-nutrients compared to flax seed oil
  • No allergenicity
  • Novel food approved under Regulation(EC) No. 258/97
  • Global GAP, GMP & HACCP certified

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