KLK invests to expand state-of-the-art facility in Germany

25 March 2014

KLK invests to expand state-of-the-art facility in Germany

The leading manufacturer of oleochemicals upgrades the production in capacity, logistics and technology

By KLK Oleo


KLK’s production facility in Emmerich, Germany, has been an oleochemical plant since 1911. It was here that Dr. Normann invented the hardening of fats in that same year. Now KLK has invested to upgrade the production both in capacity, logistics and technology.

KLK Emmerich processes vegetable oils to produce fatty acids and glycerine for the European market and for customers around the world. Fractions from Caprylic Acid (C8) to Behenic acid (C22) as well as a wide range of distilled products and glycerines are produced from an equally wide range of vegetable oils. The raw materials can be easily imported through the port of Rotterdam and the Rhine River, where the plant has its own unloading facilities. All these factors contribute to a versatile and efficient production unit within the global network of the KLK group of companies. Besides the production, KLK Emmerich functions as the Headquarters of KLK in Europe, also managing the logistics and sales of the products produced by KLK in Malaysia and China.

The KLK Product Portfolio consists of several groups of products:

•    PALMERA® Fatty Acids and Glycerine
•    PALMESTER® Fatty Esters
•    PALMEROL® Fatty Alcohols
•    PALMOWAX & PALMOCOL® Fatty Amides
•    PALMOSALT® Soap Noodles

A range of certificates, such as Kosher, Halal and ISO certificates to name a few ensure a high quality standard. Apart from quality certificates, KLK is also a member of RSPO, the Round table for Sustainable Palm Oil. This organisation strives to make sustainable palm oil the norm in the market.

Together with Alsiano, KLK is expanding its market penetration in the Scandinavian market. The sales force and logistics capability of Alsiano combined with the product range and production capacity of KLK will offer an excellent service level to Scandinavian customers looking for high quality oleochemicals. All product groups can be offered whether they are made in Germany, Malaysia or China; this way, the full portfolio is available for customers in the region.

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