Pulse flours for healthy foods

Pulse flours for healthy foods

28 November 2016

Invite all the good properties of faba beans, chickpeas, green lentils and red beans into your products with LCI’s thermally treated pulses

Pulses are versatile ingredients, balanced, rich in proteins, and bring new and natural colour to formulations. Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) offers four functional pulse flours: chickpea, red bean, green lentil and faba bean.


By means of the Farigel patented hydrothermal treatment process, the starch in LCI’s pulse flours is partially gelatinised and proteins are denatured, resulting in more functional flours well suited for creating new savoury and sweet food products. In addition, the process reduces the bitterness often associated with pulses and increases shelf life.


Westhove pulse flour benefits:

  • Nutrition – protein, fibre, minerals, gluten-free
  • Technology – water absorption, granulation adapted to food uses, batch to batch consistency
  • Sensory – bitterness reduced, flavour/colour



In bread, pastry and cake products, the functional pulse flours offer better hydration and improve softness, while nutritionally enriching the products.


In extruded products such as snacks and cereals, they help control expansion, to better define the shape of the extrusion while improving crispness.


In meat products, the pulse flours are ideal for vegetarian steaks, and they also work well in ethnic foods – e.g. humus and meatballs.


Used in porridge, they can advantageously replace oats and guarantee a protein-rich product.