Natural and clean label anti-caking aid

Natural and clean label anti-caking aid

12 December 2014

Nu-FLOW® effectively replaces silicone dioxide and other synthetics in systems requiring anti-caking or flow aids

There is an increased general consumer interest in “clean labels” with ingredient names easily understood. Nu-FLOW® offers producers an option to replace synthetics or other anti-caking agents with a natural ingredient. Nu-Flow can be labelled as 'rice concentrate' and provides you with a clean, consumer-friendly label while also solving anti-caking, flow and other manufacturing and/or production challenges.

Previously, Nu-FLOW was primarily used to keep spice blends from caking, but is now also used as a flavour carrier, plating substrate, and flow aid in everything from powdered beverages to dried fruits and vegetables, milks, gravies, and sauces, as well as in dietary supplements (capsules, tablets and powders).

Nu-FLOW is made from the hulls of US rice that is naturally or organically grown and processed. The rice hulls are sterilised and ground to a fine powder. The unique functionality comes from the fact that 'Mother Nature' causes the rice plant to take up silica from the soil concentrating it in the hulls of the rice and thereby producing a natural alternative to silicon dioxide or other anti-caking/flow agents.

Nu-FLOW can be specially formulated and optimised to meet customers’ needs and specific particle sizes and is also available in an organic grade.



  • Spice blends

  • Spray drying

  • Dry blending

  • Tableting




  • Anti-caking / flow aid

  • Diluent

  • Excipient