Meat-free solutions: the success is in the mix

07 February 2018

Meat-free solutions: the success is in the mix

Formulate vegetarian and vegan products with the right texture, taste and stability using Trutex®

Delicious vegetarian “pork”, “beef”, “chicken”, ”seafood”, cold cuts and even “bacon” – anything is possible! Loryma has long-time experience with development of plant-based solutions and offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan solutions with the right taste, texture, and stability.


Revolutionising the production of vegetarian and vegan products, Loryma’s systems with Trutex® textured wheat protein ensure optimal shape, colour and texture. Trutex® provides the end product with a significant percentage of valuable protein and ensures a meat-like texture in the production of vegetarian beef, chicken and fish. Trutex® can also be integrated in the manufacturing of muesli, cereals, salty snacks and sweets.


Loryma can formulate new vegan and vegetarian product ideas for you and with you, and support you through to full market rollout. Product development is the core of Loryma conceiving innovative concepts and customer-specific products. Loryma provides continuous and professional support, from the first idea to the finished product.


Benefits of meat-free solutions with TruTex®:

  • High protein content
  • Meat-like fibre structure
  • Outstanding appearance
  • Authentic taste experience
  • Optimal texture
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Raw materials from sustainable regional agriculture
  • Production with conventional equipment