Climate-friendly meat alternative with bite

Climate-friendly meat alternative with bite

08 February 2021

Textured wheat protein provides the meaty texture that many consumers in the increasing meat-reducer segment look for. Neutral flavour and high protein content make it an ingredient of choice for development of tasty, wholesome plant-based foods

The plant-based trend is stronger than ever and still growing. Today, it appears that the trend is more and more driven by meat-reducers or flexitarians rather than consumers going full-blown vegetarian or vegan avoiding meat or all animal products 100%. A recent study from Danish Centre for Food & Agriculture at Aarhus University shows that almost one third of the Danes have reduced or cut out meat of their diet (1). The tendency in Sweden is similar where the latest Vegobarometern published by Kantar Sifo indicates that the number of Swedes that leave out meat of the diet from time to time is increasing (2).


For the meat-reducer segment, issues such as health, environment and ethical reasons are key drivers for cutting down on their consumption of meat.


Why textured wheat protein is a great alternative to meat

BeneoPro W-Tex textured wheat protein is made 100 % of wheat and is an interesting and climate friendly alternative to meat. The textured wheat protein has a nice neutral taste and a stable hydrated texture which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, in particular meat analogues and ready meals.


Plant proteins with neutral taste and a meaty texture

In contract to other plant protein sources such as soy and pea, the taste of textured wheat protein is neutral, eliminating the need of masking flavours. The neutral taste makes it easy to flavour and season, and for many meat reducers taste is absolutely essential. Long past is the time when plant based as the main feature of a product was enough to attract and maintain the consumer.


In addition to flavour, texture is a crucial parameter for meat-reducers who are likely to prefer plant-based alternatives with a texture that is more like meat. Textured wheat protein has that appealing texture that makes is perfect for plant based food.



A good base for plant-based food

BeneoPro W-Tex is available in flakes and chunks, both with an average protein content of 67 %. The flaky wheat proteins are highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. It allows for total and partial meat replacement without negatively impacting taste and texture. On the contrary, it benefits juiciness.


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Easy to handle meat alternative

BeneoPro W-Tex has a simple, very quick hydration speed and is easy to include in the production process. It can be used in a wide range of meat and ready-meal applications without altering processing conditions.


Our textured wheat protein absorbs twice its weight in water and keeps its texture while hydrated even after a long hydration time.


Food applications with BeneoPro W-Tex:

  • Meat analogues (vegetarian)
  • Ready-meals
  • Fillings (in baked pasta)
  • Comminuted meat
  • Emulsified meat
  • Protein snacks & bars


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(2) Johan Colliander: ”Färre vegetarianer – men veggotrenden ökar”, Food Supply SE, 15 December 2020.