Proteins, plant.

Extruded pulses

Give recipes a nutritional boost with pulses

Extruded pulses are clear and clean label inclusion ingredients for plant-based protein enhancement and also great as a natural texturiser. The crunchy and tasty extruded balls with high natural protein content are easy to implement in recipes. We offer a line of extruded plant protein from chickpea, pea & faba bean and from red bean & pea with high content of protein and dietary fibre.


Chickpea PEP'S BALLS

22.9 g protein / 12.5 g fibres

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Pea & faba bean PEP'S BALLS

65.2 g protein / 3.9 g fibres

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Red bean & pea PEP'S BALLS

34.7 g protein / 13.8 g fibres

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Anders Jonsson, Business Development Manager, Alsiano

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