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Caramel colour

Caramel colours for your application

We offer a complete range of caramel colours in shades ranging from golden yellow and reddish brown to yellowish-brown and greyish-brown.

The range of caramel colour includes class I-IV type caramels and therefore also clean label caramels with high levels of purity exceeding the stringent EU regulations.


Caramel colour E150a

Liquid, Class I. Minimally processed: no ammonia or sulfite reactants.


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Caramel colour E150b

Liquid/powder, Class II. Sulfite reactant, but no ammonia.

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Caramel colour E150c

Liquid/powder, Class III. Ammonia reactant, but no sulfite.

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Caramel colour E150d

Liquid/powder, Class IV. Sulfite and ammonia reactants.

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Michael Telsing, Area Sales Manager, Alsiano

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