We love organic foods

We love organic foods

23 June 2015

Organic foods continue to grow worldwide and particularly in the Nordic countries. Alsiano offers a wide range of organic ingredients to help you meet the increasing demand

The global market for organics is still increasing. In 2013 the sale of organic foods amounted to more than 63 billion EUR corresponding to a 12% increase with European and North American consumers accounting for the largest share.


In Denmark the sale of organic foods continues to rise and the retail market has announced this segment to be one of their biggest focus areas this year. Denmark is also the country where organic foods have the largest market share worldwide and where the Danish brand for organic foods - Ø-mærket - has celebrated its 25th anniversary this year.


Sweden is also riding the organic wave. Here, the sale of organic foods has increased by 38% and now has the world’s highest growth rate according to Ekoweb. Also Norway and Finland are experiencing a greater demand for organic foods from year to year.


Here is an overview of our line of organic food ingredients. If there is a particular ingredient that you miss on the list, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your need.



Anticaking/flow aid


Cereals & flours

  • Extruded products and flours from Bressmer from many different kinds of grains – also gluten-free



  • Nu-BAKE® rice bran extract from Ribus
  • Egg powder – albumen, egg yolk and whole egg from Pulviver




Juice concentrate


Milk proteins

  • MPI 85 BIO - Milk protein isolate
  • FCMP 26% BIO full cream milk powder from Ingredia



  • Nutriz rice powder from BENEO
  • A wide range of plant extracts from EPO
  • Baobab pulp powder, rooibos and green rooibos plant extract
  • Synergized juice powders – greens, superfruits, vegetables


Oils & fats

  • Edible oils and fats from Bressmer – more than 20 variants


Spices & vegetables:

  • Spices, herbs and dried vegetables from KräuterMix



  • Agave syrup and agave inulin from Nekutli
  • Natural fruit sugars – exGrape Sugar BIO, Fructi-Sweet BIO, FructiLight BIO (lowest glycaemic index on the market) – from Nutritis