Vitafoods 2014 - news from our suppliers

26 June 2014

Vitafoods 2014 - news from our suppliers

More than 700 suppliers showcased their latest innovations and among them also a wide range of Alsiano’s suppliers

From 6-7 May the Vitafoods Europe show returned to Geneva with more than 700 suppliers showing their latest innovations within ingredients, raw materials, products and technologies to approx 13,000 buyers, influencers, scientists and R&D professionals.

Here is a brief summary of what our suppliers presented at Vitafoods 2014:

Afriplex focuses on the development and production of novel plant extracts derived from African botanicals and destined for applications within the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In the New Products Zone at Vitafoods, Afriplex presented their newly developed extract of Moringa leaf standardised on polyphenol content. Moringa oleifera leaf is the new supplement that is currently taking the world by storm. The extract consists of a range of nutrients, including unique anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatories.


Moringa leaf extract

 Moringa leaf extract

Grap’Sud showcased exGrape Total and exGrape Seed polyphenols with guaranteed content of OPCs and high ORAC values. Also oléoGrape Seed and oléoGrape Total that combine the benefits of grape and olive polyphenols were displayed, together with Olivex olive extract with guaranteed content of hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol and with scientific studies available.

At Jost’s stand, the focus was on high purity specialty chemicals for food, food supplements, nutrition and infant formulas - more specifically low heavy metals minerals, low aluminium Ca salts, custom particle sizes and microencapsulated minerals, and special low contaminant salts. Jost’s FDA registered site manufactures 250+ mineral salts under cGMP that routinely meet very low levels of Pb, As, Hg & Cd. Their minerals comply with the most restrictive regulations in the food, nutrition, clinical and infant nutrition markets. Quality, purity, ethics and sustainability are the main strategic drivers for Jost.

Pulviver showcased their Egg Albumin Protein Sport for sports nutrition, which according to Pulviver probably has the best biological protein quality. The product has a protein content of min. 84% and contains interesting essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. In addition, it is free of fat and cholesterol and lactose-free. Pulviver, part of the Lodewijckx group, is a pioneer within the application of instant powder and has also developed a unique procedure for the drying and agglomeration of powdered egg albumin, which very few companies offer.


New sustained release agent SR 500 specifically for nutrition

New sustained release agent SR 500 specifically for nutrition

Seppic presented SEPIFILM™ Naturally Coloured, their new ready-to-use coating specifically designed for nutritional tablets and confectionery, ideally suited to meet the demand for naturalness within nutrition. Seppic also showcased the new sustained release excipient SR 500 designed specifically for nutrition. This excipient is a ready-to-use synergistic combination of natural co-processed gums for sustained release tablet formulations.

Vidya Herbs, producer of high quality herbal extracts, essential oils and spice oleoresins showcased a line of certified organic extracts with parti-cular focus on the green coffee bean extract for weight management. Vidya Herbs has state-of-the-art extraction facilities equipped with high end production & QC equipment including LCMS to meet international standards. The products include certified organic and conventional extracts.

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