Toothfriendly bubble gum with Palatinose™

05 May 2014

Toothfriendly bubble gum with Palatinose™

BENEO presents the first polyol-free, toothfriendly bubble gum concepts with sugar-like taste and sweetness

BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers within functional ingredients, used the recent ISM 2014 to showcase new avenues for toothfriendly children’s confectionery with Palatinose™. Thanks to its unique nutritional and technological properties, BENEO’s functional carbohydrate allows for the development of healthier confectionery products such as the first polyol-free, toothfriendly bubble gum with a sugar-like taste and sweetness.

Consumer research conducted by Datamonitor[i] shows that globally, 83% of all consumers see oral health as important to them.  This combined with insights showing bubble gum markets in North America and Europe continuing to mature, highlights that innovation with added value products is essential to revitalise this category. By incorporating BENEO’s Palatinose™ toothfriendly functional carbohydrate, it is now possible for confectionery producers to bring a health dimension to their bubble gum ranges, opening up this gum market segment for a new category of “adult purchase for kids” products.

Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Manager at BENEO, comments: “The bubble gum category is all about pleasure and indulgence; however, we’re well aware of parents’ concerns surrounding dental health and understand this is a big factor for them when choosing confectionery for their children. With Palatinose™, manufacturers can add an additional health dimension to their bubble gum range, without compromising on taste, texture or processability. By combining toothfriendly properties with a great chewing experience, this new emerging category is set to stimulate bubble gum markets across the globe.”  


Thanks to the technical properties of Palatinose™, common bubble gum technology can be used to create innovative bubble gum, with high form stability and reduced stickiness (ensuring easy machinability and cleaning). If pellet gum is required, Palatinose™ enables smooth coatings with a pleasant crunch. The nutritional and technological benefits of Palatinose™ also make it suitable for other toothfriendly confectionery products such as chocolate and chocolate lentils, chewy candies, jellies and gummies.


[i] Source: Datamonitor, consumer research 2010

BENEO’s Palatinose™ is the only toothfriendly carbohydrate derived from sugar beet to be fully digestible and low glycaemic. The toothfriendly characteristics and lower glycaemic response of Palatinose™ have both been approved by European Health Authorities (EFSA).



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