The beauty of Stepan’s versatile all-in-one naturally-derived ingredient

03 January 2019

The beauty of Stepan’s versatile all-in-one naturally-derived ingredient

Express your creativity with STEPAN-MILD® GCC, the must-have ingredient for the natural beauty formulation kit

STEPAN-MLD® GCC is a versatile all-in-one-ingredient that will help you pump up your imagination for designing a complete formulation kit from exfoliant, body wash, skin care, hair conditioner to after sun lotion and even more ideas to come with your know-how and expertise. It offers a new supply incentive approach for product rationalisation in your company.

Let’s express your creativity with STEPAN-MILD® GCC for a common solution to:


  • Enhance foam, viscosity and skin feel when used as additive at 0.5-1.5%
  • Get natural & polymer free suspension when structured liquid technology is used
  • Formulate skin care products when used for its emollient properties, and get light, fluid, and gel-like texture creams.


For inspiration, here is a selection of sulfate-free rinse off and leave-on cosmetics formulations to help you get started unfolding your creativity:


Body wash: A clean and radiant skin 
Using STEPAN-MILD® GCC for a polymer-free suspension bringing all its additional benefits. 


 Ingredients  % w/w
 Water  qs 100
 Natural oil  10.0
 ALPHA-STEP® PC48  8.5
 Sodium Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate  3.0
 Fragrance  0.4

This naturally derived formulation has a lotion-like appearance and texture that transforms into a soft and luxurious foam in the shower! The high amount of natural oils will soften and moisturise dry skin, making every shower a spa-like experience!

Another possibility is using STEPAN-MILD® GCC as an additive in a standard sulfate-free surfactant system:


 Ingredients  % w/w
 Water  qs 100
 Fragrance  0.4
 Preservative  1.2
 Citric acid  pH=5.5


Used at 0.5% it will customise all kind of standard chassis very easily and improves its benefits from foam volume to skin feel.

Exfoliate ... Scrub me Sweetie!
When used for a sulfate, polymer and preservative suspension with sugar


 Ingredients  % w/w
 Water  qs 100
 ALPHA-STEP® PC48  7.5
 Sugar  70.0
 Soybean oil  4.5
 Shea butter  0.4
 Fragrance  qs

This water-based scrub suspends 70% sugar with naturally derived sulfate-free cleansers and moisturisers that rinse cleanly and easily to leave skin feeling touchably soft and smooth.  

Moisturise ... facial cream

When using STEPAN MILD® GCC as emollient. 


 Ingredients  % w/w
 Water  82.2
 Carbomer  0.6
 Cetyl alcohol  2.0
 Glycerol Stearate  3.6
 PEG-40 Stearate  0.4
 Aqua & sodium benzoate & Potassium sorbate  1.0
 Fragrance  0.2

The light and fluid gel texture presents a good sensory profile mainly as regards spreading, slippery. It will nourish and hydrate the skin while maintaining the skin barrier based on TEWL (transepidermal water loss) results.

Keep your skin soothed ... after sun lotion
STEPAN-MILD® GCC-L used as fluid “humecto-emollient” in combination with a plant extract for an improved skin barrier restoration.


 Ingredients  % w/w
 Water  75.7
 Carbomer  0.6
 Alcohol & water & wild Acanthus extract  qs
 Cetyl alcohol  2.0
 Glycerol stearate  3.2
 PEG-stearate  0.8
 Fragrance, preservative  1.22

For active people that are looking for a quick, easy way to treat and repair skin. STEPAN-MILD® GCCL gives a light, cream-gel-like fluid structure with a cooling sensation.   



  • Polymer-free suspension system
  • Soft, moisturised feel
  • Enhances foam volume
  • Mild & skin friendly
  • Thickening properties
  • 100% bio-based from vegetable feedstock
  • Biodegradable
  • No preservative
  • COSMOS approved



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