Sweet bakery flavourings

27 January 2014

Sweet bakery flavourings

Add a touch of “magic” to your products with the innovative and creative flavourings in spray dried encapsulated and liquid forms from TasteTech

The importance of bakery flavourings
TasteTech’s sweet bakery flavourings are used in some of the most popular foods around the globe. Encompassing everything from vanilla and chocolate, coffee and nut right through to caramel, golden syrup and toffee, they are the staple flavourings for most sweet bakery products providing the unique tastes that define some of the most popular brands.

Thanks to over 20 years’ active investment in their flavour house, TasteTech’s highly experienced flavouring development team has been able to work closely with clients to develop some of the sweet bakery flavourings we love the most.

Advanced flavour technology
Working closely with some of the world’s leading bakers, TasteTech understand their industry and can offer a wide range of innovative and creative flavourings in spray dried, encapsulated and liquid forms. All flavourings have been designed to meet the challenges of modern bakery production and deliver impact and quality whatever the application.

Innovations in sweet bakery flavourings
In the past, customers looking for a chocolate flavouring for their product would have the choice of white, milk or dark. Now, the choice is literally endless. Thanks to the expertise of TasteTech and the unique way in which they blend their flavours, they can create whatever clients want.

As well as working on improving the quality and choice of well-known and well-loved flavours, TasteTech are constantly innovating and developing completely new tastes. Currently, TasteTech is working on a brand new range of flavourings for muffins, including fizzy drink flavours such as lemonade, cola and cherryade, as well as looking at creating a range of indulgent flavour blends for gluten free products.

TasteTech can offer customers the opportunity to work with their specialist flavourists and technicians to develop a new flavouring which will add value to the customer’s product range, and could even become  the ‘magic ingredient’ that gives the product competitive advantage. To find out more about designing your own flavouring contact Alsiano or visit


Spray dried flavourings


Encapsulated flavourings


Liquid flavourings


  • Highly concentrated
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for applications that require powder
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Controlled release including temperature release
  • Tailored release for each application
  • Yeast is protected from flavouring until after proving
  • Controls cross-contamination
  • Low cost
  • Best for use in specific applications
  • High concentrations available



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