Stepan product highlights

11 October 2017

Stepan product highlights

Zoom on selected customer case stories

Shampoo - NINOL CAA

Challenge: Achieve clarity and viscosity with a shampoo based on water-insoluble actives and fragrances.

Solution: 1% NINOL CAA in pre-mix with almond pil and fragrance enables the formulator to kill two birds with one stone by leading to a clear and thick formulation.

Strength: Fragrance solubilisation and high viscosity profile with lower salt usage.


Hand dish washing liquid - NINOL CAA

Challenge: Obtain a very thick hand dish washing liquid based on low active content.

Solution: Only 0.5% NINOL CAA needed to obtain a 5% anionic-based (DDBSA-SLES) formulation delivering the viscosity target and matching the benchmark.

Strength: NINOL CAA's viscosity building ability and replacement of the secondary surfactant.


Baby care - STEPAN MILD L3

Challenge: Foam quality and skin feel enhancement in shampoo and shower gel. 

Solution: Sensory benefits have been achieved by adding a small amount of L3 to a standard formulation.

Strength: Customisation of existing formulation.


Solid bath bombs & bar shampoo - Lathanol LAL Coarse

Challenge: To obtain a stable foam with specific texture for solid bath bombs, effervescent bar soap, bar shampoo, pearl powder and butter scrub.

Solution: Incorporation of Lathanol LAL Coarse gives a creamy and thick foam that is stable over time.

Strength: Small bubbles and strong foam with a creamy texture.


Hair conditioner - STEPANQUAT GA-90

Challenge: Replace BTAC and CTAC in hair conditioning and hair mask products .

Solution & strength: Substitution by STEPANQUAT GA-90 gives equivalent conditioning performance to the usual BTAC and CTAC without any dosage restriction and hazard concerns.


Dog shampoo - STEPAN-MILD GCC

Challenge: Formulate a low CLP dog shampoo.

Solution & strength: Added value thanks to the softness brought by GCC. Stepan-Mild GCC boosts the foam, enhances the texture, helps the viscosity building and strengthens the colour care and conditioning effect. It also respects the skin integrity, improves the comfort feel and acts as a good preservative booster. Finally, GCC is also a key player of the SSL technology.

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