Stepan liberates creativity and celebrates sensoriality

12 October 2017

Stepan liberates creativity and celebrates sensoriality

Wave goodbye to irritating electrolytes and synthetic polymers with Stepan’s new green technology for suspending particles and obtaining clear systems

Today’s hygiene formulations get more and more sophisticated, either showing a glamourous look with beads and glitters or being oil-enriched for a skin softer than ever. This poses the challenge of suspending particles of various sizes and obtaining clear systems when needed, but also maintaining the foam quality.


Most options to achieve these performances involve using irritating electrolytes or synthetic polymers. However, Stepan’s exclusive new technology is based on a structured surfactant system involving a mild bio-based ingredient, Stepan Mild GCC. This innovation consists in provoking an association of the surfactants that forms multi-lamellar vesicles, allowing the suspension of air, solid and oil particles. The achievement of clarity is possible due to the small sized vesicles while the foam volume and quality are even enhanced thanks to Stepan Mild GCC.


This green technology is a true passkey to creativity: shower creams with high oil content (up to 50%!), shimmering shampoo, sugar body scrub, clear exfoliating cleansers…anything to provide a richer sensorial experience.

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