Stepan Mild® L3, naturally derived surfactant

11 May 2015

Stepan Mild® L3, naturally derived surfactant

The newly launched Stepan Mild® L3 is a naturally-derived, multifunctional nonionic surfactant and emollient, suitable for either rinse-off or leave-on products

STEPAN-MILD L3 (Lauryl Lactyl Lactate) is a viscosity builder, foam booster, emulsifier and emollient that can be used in shampoo, body wash, liquid soap, bubble bath, facial cleanser and cream/lotion formulations.


Used as an additive in formulations, Stepan-Mild L3 shows enhanced mildness, gives a creamy and luxurious touch to the foam and provides skin softness. In hair care products, it can also be used as a substitute or boosting agent of silicones for easier detangling and sleekness. Lastly, it helps solubilising active ingredients (e.g. salicylic acid…). 


Stepan-Mild L3 is therefore the pleasure enhancer for cosmetic formulations, for a richer sensorial experience.



2-in-1 shampoo, bar soap, body wash, facial cleansers, liquid hand soap, shampoos, skin feel enhancers, special secondary surfactants, sulfate-free, thickeners.



Foam texture and skin after-feel

Hand wash: with just 1% addition of Stepan Mild L3 in a SLES/CAPB system, the obtained foam is denser and deliciously creamy. After use, the skin is left soft and supple.


Emollient attributes

Stepan Mild L3 is a surfactant with emollient properties. Its use in hygiene formulations is therefore easier than most other emollients, while offering a similar touch.


Improved eye tolerance

Stepan Mild L3 reduces the eye irritation, for high mildness formulations.


An extra hand on viscosity building

Stepan Mild L3 brings immediate slight viscosity. It helps achieve higher viscosities with less salt. Higher efficacy, reduced irritancy.


Haircare - a natural alternative to silicones 

In 2-in-1 shampoos Stepan Mild L3 gives at least the same performances as a silicone emulsion.



  • Sensory benefits for an enriched experience
  • 100% active, naturally derived surfactant/emollient
  • Clear and colourless
  • Easy to formulate

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