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Sports nutrition seminar 2017

Sports nutrition seminar 2017

09 February 2017

Inspiration for future product development of sports nutrition

Together with our suppliers, Alsiano has the pleasure of inviting the Nordic industry to an inspiring seminar on sports nutrition on Wednesday 8 March 2017 at our premises in Birkerød, Denmark.


Traditionally, sports nutrition products were only intended for athletes and body builders. Now a broader range of consumers are attracted to the products due to the growing health consciousness. As a result, other delivery systems in addition to powders have been introduced such as tablets, bars, ready-to-drink beverages, and gels.


At the same time, much more targeted products aiming at very specific purposes are being developed. Sports nutrition products are no longer just boosting muscle growth, but also e.g. designed to enhance physical endurance or increase recovery after exercise. This opens for new product and concept developments.


Join us on 8 March and get valuable inspiration on ingredient solutions for sports nutrition from our partners - BENEO, Seppic and Ingredia.


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