Sosense Miso Powder is the new salt and MSG replacement

23 June 2015

Sosense Miso Powder is the new salt and MSG replacement

Reducing salt while enhancing taste is one of the food industry’s biggest challenges. Now help is at hand with Sosense Miso Powder – the natural flavour enhancer

By B Investment Solutions Ltd.


Delivering 50-100% salt and MSG replacement while enhancing flavour, Sosense represents a breakthrough in food manufacturing.


Sosense is an exciting new application using a product that is almost as old as time. Sosense is dried and powdered miso – fermented soya bean paste – an entirely natural product and process, now imported exclusively by BIS Ltd to deliver consistent and effective results as a food ingredient and flavour enhancer for all types of culinary applications.


Extensive consumer trials have shown Sosense to be highly effective in a wide variety of popular foods, including breads and ready meals. In many instances, it delivers in fact better flavour enhancement than salt or MSG alone.


The products

Sosense Miso Powder is available in two varieties:


  • Sosense Miso Powder Aka (red)
  • Sosense Miso Powder Shiro (white)

The two Sosense varieties are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards by one of Japan’s leading and longest-established miso producers, Miyasaka Jozo Co. Ltd., founded in 1962 as a sake producer. Packed in 15 kg foil bags with long shelf-life, Sosense is easy to store and use.


Sosense Miso Powder Aka is a light red-brown powder obtained by freeze-drying Aka miso. Aka or red miso is a unique result of a very long aging process. It has a full body and a strong and complete, rounded flavour.


Sosense Miso Powder Shiro is a pale yellow powder obtained by freeze drying Shiro miso. Shiro or white miso is obtained via a shorter process of maturation that results in a milder, sweeter product, with potential for use across a much wider range of foods.


How to use Sosense

Sosense Miso Powder can be used in almost any food application where salt and/or MSG are currently used: in bread, ready meals, soups, snacks, sauces, seasonings and coatings, and as a direct salt replacement by caterers and chefs.


In most cases, Sosense works best as a blend with salt – typically replacing 50% of the salt content. In sauces the best result is obtained by adding Sosense during the early stages of the cooking where heat is more intense, and the miso’s active enzyme is destroyed. This results in a sauce that keeps its viscosity and lustre. Sosense has already been tested in bread with excellent results. In sensory testing of bread, Sosense Miso Powder enhanced the taste of low salt doughs when replaced at a rate of 50% of the salt reduction level.


Working with the well-known chefs and food innovators Bingham & Jones, UK, BIS Ltd. has also trialled Sosense in ready meals and soups. Again, the results are very positive with Sosense enhancing the flavour of other key ingredients.


For lower salt, a cleaner label, better flavour and consumer satisfaction, Sosense Miso Powder makes perfect sense.



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