Sorb-Cel ready-to-use effervescent

Sorb-Cel ready-to-use effervescent

26 June 2014

Simple and efficient production of tablets, granules, powders and sachets with the co-processed effervescent compound from Blanver

By Xavier Sarrias, Sales Manager, Blanver

Sorb-Cel is a ready-to-use co-processed product for use in solid pharmaceutical formulations such as tablets and granules where the effervescent property is needed. Sorb-Cel has excellent solubility properties avoiding the presence of superficial coating and resulting in a limpid final formulation free of insoluble residues.

The direct incorporation of the active ingredients into Sorb-Cel is very simple and gives the following advantages when compared with normal effervescent manufacturing processes: 


  • reduced process time
  • less equipment involved
  • better operational conditions

All that is required to produce effervescent tablets, granules, powders or sachets is mixing Sorb-Cel with the API for approx. 20 minutes, and then immediately producing the tablets or packaging in sachets.

In addition, Sorb-Cel co-processed compound has the following qualities:


  • Good compression characteristics
  • Homogeneous mixtures
  • Stability and short disintegration time
  • Final solution totally clear, without insoluble material.

Since Sorb-Cel is lactose and sugar-free, it can be used by diabetics, people on a diet and lactose intolerants in pharmaceutical or food products.

Sorb-Cel contains components typical for effervescent (citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, PVP, Mannitol and PEG), making it easy to register and to substitute for ongoing formulations without major changes in labels.

Owing to the stable formula, Sorb-Cel is also a formulation compatible with the most used active ingredients in pharmaceutical market (vitamin C, calcium, acetaminophen, etc...).