Solvent replacement: Go water-based with STEPOSOL® CITRI-MET

16 November 2018

Solvent replacement: Go water-based with STEPOSOL® CITRI-MET

Revolutionary fully formulated solution from Stepan that delivers clean AND green - a breakthrough in cleaning technology

STEPOSOL CITRI-MET is a revolutionary fully formulated solution comprised of Nobel Prize-winning metathesis chemistry, ecologically responsible citrus terpenes and emulsifiers. Diluted to a solution of 96% water, it surpasses the cleaning and solvency power of products containing up to 40% petroleum-based solvents and requires a low use level, less dwell time, and less mechanical action.


This patent-pending technology comes to you ready for dilution to meet your specific product needs. STEPOSOL CITRI-MET has a low VOC of just 0.5% at a 1:14 dilution level and active ingredients are derived from bio-based sources to provide a greener profile.


STEPOSOL CITRI-MET covers a broad range of applications, from household to industrial to institutional. Various dilutions can produce products for the home market that cleans glass, carpet and multiple surfaces, and remove stains left by tar and permanent markers. More concentrated solutions produce products for the industrial market that clean metal parts, remove crude oil stains, wash oil field rigs, and strip latex.


Click here for more information about applications and a dilution guide.

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