Salona - natural sodium reduction

Salona - natural sodium reduction

23 June 2015

SalonaTM low sodium sea salt is a natural mineral that is an effective tool for replacement of salt in food and beverage products allowing for a replacement up to 50%

Salt is a critical ingredient used in most food products for flavour enhancement, preservation and other functions. Concern about sodium intake has created a need for versatile ingredients for use in formulating reduced sodium food products.


Salona low sodium sea salt is natural sea salt from ICL Food Specialities enabling substitution of 25-50% sodium chloride. It is designed to assist manufacturers in meeting consumers’ nutritional, dietary and taste demands. Salona is naturally low in sodium with only 1.7 grams sodium in every 100 g, compared to 39 g of sodium per 100 g in sodium chloride. This extremely low level of sodium makes substitution possible while maintaining key properties and flavour.



By using sustainable solar energy to evaporate the waters of the Dead Sea in Israel, selected minerals naturally low in sodium chloride are precipitated. These low sodium minerals are harvested from special evaporation ponds and then washed, screened, dried, and sized. The resulting product is the natural sea salt, Salona.



Salona can be used in many food applications as a substitute for up to 50% sodium chloride and as a full substitute for potassium chloride. It is generally used as a one to one replacement of sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Due to its unique structure and balance of cations, Salona delivers acceptable flavour in many food products. ICL has done extensive sensory work to fully cha-racterise the flavour of Salona compared to NaCl and KCl. With its complementary mineral salts, Salona achieves a balanced sensory profile that minimises off flavours which may be associated with other salt substitutes.




  • Excellent in baked goods
  • No impact on dough mixing and handling
  • Versatility in granulations means consistency in bakery mixes
  • Fine to medium granulations suitable for topical applications such as crackers, crisps, etc.




  • Excellent flavour in cheese and dairy products
  • Formulation assistance available to optimise end product melt and texture
  • Fully soluble in liquid milk products and beverages


Meat & Poultry


  • Reduction of salt up to 50% without impact on finished product characteristics
  • Delivers equivalent yield in processed meats
  • Water activity (aw) same as salt in some applications
  • Stable in emulsions and comminuted products
  • Promotes functional protein extraction




  • Sodium reduction for tomato/vegetable-based beverages and fruit concentrates
  • Provides potassium ions for electrolyte replacement
  • Fully soluble in beverages while providing the heart-healthy minerals magnesium and potassium


Water activity

Water activity is important for shelf-life and preservation of many foods. Salona has a beneficial effect on water activity and can reduce water activity like potassium chloride and sodium chloride. Although not as effective when taken on a weight basis, when the water in the formulation is adjusted to account for the water in Salona, it provides in some applications equivalent aw to NaCl. Salona formulations deliver equivalent aw to the control formulation.



Salona is in its natural mineral form as a potassium magnesium chloride hydrate and is not a synthetic blend of salts. ICL self-affirmed Salona as GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) using a scientifically qualified panel of experts. ICL also submitted a GRAS notification to the U.S. FDA regarding Salona and received a positive response letter that the FDA and the USDA have no questions regarding ICL’s conclusion that Salona is GRAS under the intended conditions of use as a partial substitute for sodium chloride in foods. Salona is Kosher certified and Halal compliant.