STRUKTOL® antifoams for detergents and cleaning agents

09 October 2014

STRUKTOL® antifoams for detergents and cleaning agents

Schill + Seilacher, partner of Alsiano, supplies a product portfolio of antifoams, which can be used particularly in washing and cleaning applications for e.g. laundry or floor washing.

By Schill + Seilacher

Schill + Seilacher is a company which produces process additives and auxiliaries for a wide range of food and non-food industries. The rich wealth of experience includes a product portfolio for the detergent and cleaning agent area.

During end-use application, high active washing detergents can cause massive foam formation which can influence the cleaning application adversely. The challenge is to control the foam generation by using antifoam agents. It is not always recommended to knock down the foam in cleaning applications, so low performing antifoam agents can be an option.

The diagram below shows antifoam agents with different performance levels in water and non-ionic detergent mixture.
Antifoam performance in water and non-ionic detergent mixture



Tested STRUKTOL®- antifoam products

•    STRUKTOL® W-6000: siloxane-based multi-component system
•    STRUKTOL® SB 2071: silicone-based and white oil-free multi-component system
•    STRUKTOL® SB 2077: silicone- and white oil-based multi-component system
•    STRUKTOL® SB 1110 B: white oil-based and silicone-free multi-component system

The STRUKTOL® antifoam products meet a wide range of requirements and applications and are optional also available in silicone- and mineral oil-free forms. All products are certified by accredited institutes. Because the antifoam agents have been used for many decades in the food industry as main market, the products demonstrate high standard of quality and purity. This ensures the best product safety for end customers.

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