SEPIFILM White TF for pharmaceuticals

20 June 2019

SEPIFILM White TF for pharmaceuticals

Seppic’s alternative to TiO2 white coatings is now available for pharmaceutical applications

SEPIFILM™ White TF is now available for the pharmaceutical market.


In order to meet customers’ emerging needs, Seppic has made sure that SEPIFILM™ White TF is provided with all the regulatory and technical information necessary for the pharmaceutical market.


SEPIFILM™ White TF is a white coating agent made without titanium dioxide, and without compromising the quality:

  • ready-to-use
  • easily handled with classical coating parameters
  • ensuring a white colour and strong opacifying properties
  • efficiently covering the tablet core


SEPIFILM White TF is EXCiPACT™ certified – all components are EP, USP-NF and JP compliant.



- Suitable for pharma and nutra applications
- 3-5 % weight gain
- 12 % solid content in dispersion
- Based on HPMC



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