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Reverse hair ageing with Darkenyl™, an advanced hair pigmentation recovery

Reverse hair ageing with Darkenyl™, an advanced hair pigmentation recovery

17 December 2018

Givaudan Active Beauty presents Darkenyl™, a new revolutionary hair repigmenting active ingredient inspired from the latest stem cell research

Hair ageing is a concern world-wide, representing a major potential for the beauty industry: 59% of consumers on average are worried about hair ageing and over 60% of them are currently bothered by hair colour loss.(1)

If genes can play a large role in hair whitening, it is now well-known that free radicals are directly inducing the premature greying of hair for both men and women. Most of the existing hair pigmentation solutions are based on hair colorants, artificially repigmenting the hair shaft but not addressing the origins of hair whitening.

Givaudan’s skin experts have designed Darkenyl™ to counteract the hair whitening biological process, by combining two synergistic molecules: the taxifolin glucoside, a unique stabilised plant polyphenol, and N-acetyl-tyrosine, a soluble precursor of melanin synthesis.

Darkenyl™ boosts hair stem cells’ proliferation (+30%) and migration to help the hair matrix with new mela-nocytes. Its antioxidant properties enable the reduction of free radical damage in hair follicles (-53%) and also help to protect existing melanocytes (+189%). Once the hair matrix has been repopulated with new mela-nocytes and both new and existing melanocytes are protected from ROS, Darkenyl™ delivers its melanin synthesis precursor to reactivate melanogenesis (+364%).

A clinical study versus placebo using white hair proportion scoring on hairlines and white hair density quantifying on a shaved scalp area have demonstrated the significant consumers’ benefits of Darkenyl™: in 4 months, volunteers had more than 3 times less white hair/cm2, with up to 56% reduction of white hair. The unique action of Darkenyl™ is patent-pending, gender independent and can be used on any hair type or colour. It shows progressive and long-lasting results.

Amandine Scandolera, Head of Biological Evaluation, says: “The know-ledge of the different mechanisms involved in the development of canities is increasingly consolidated to demonstrate the key role of the scalp oxidation, which was, up to now, less considered in the scientific strategies implementation. With the development of Darkenyl™, we offer an effective solution through the reactivation of the main altered mechanisms at the origin of canities such as reduction of oxidation, reactivation of mela-nocytes stem cells and increasing of melanogenesis. Having white hair is definitely not an irreversible phenomenon anymore!”

To inspire the beauty industry while showcasing the high potential of this new ageless hair technology, Givaudan formulation experts have crafted S3D® Colourback, a repigmenting and conditioning serum to beautify and rejuvenate the hair.


S3D® Colourback features Darkenyl™ and ResistHyal®, which is the ultimate hair beauty enhancer (optimised hya-luronic acid), this product quickly penetrates into the scalp and spreads on the hair while activating the repigmentation process and protecting the hair follicles. With its innovative comb, S3D® Colourback enables a precise and effective application, directly on the roots.

(1) Givaudan Active Beauty Hair Ageing G-Source global study 2018