Reduce phosphate and sodium in meat and poultry products

29 March 2016

Reduce phosphate and sodium in meat and poultry products

Fiberstar introduces natural, clean label Citri-Fi® 100M40 which works synergistically with natural hydrocolloids like rice starch to reduce phosphate and sodium in meat products while maintaining high yields

By Fiberstar Inc.


Fiberstar, a market leader in citrus fibre technologies, introduces a natural, clean label phosphate and sodium reduction system for meat and poultry. This new clean label development emerges during a time when the demand for recognisable and short ingredient statements has grown significantly in several regions of the world. “We have seen an uptick in demand not only in the U.S., but also internationally for clean label systems that perform equally or better than conventional ingredients,” said Fiberstar, Inc. President & CEO, John Haen. “Citri-Fi, natural, functional citrus flour, is currently being used in many parts of the world as a yield enhancer in poultry products.”

Citri-Fi, which can be listed as citrus flour, dried citrus pulp or citrus fibre, resonates well with the clean label markets. Because of Citri-Fi’s high water holding capacity, low viscosity and small particle size, Citri-Fi 100M40 is the ideal citrus flour product to use for reducing phosphates and sodium in poultry products. The Citri-Fi usage rates are less than 0.5%. This natural ingredient can be added directly to brine solutions while mixing or added as a dry blend with other ingredients. For complete phosphate replacement, it is recommended to use Citri-Fi in conjunction with a rice starch or carrageenan to maintain or improve yields.

Two different studies conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Iowa State University meat labs validated these valuable findings. The whole bird chickens were injected with brine at 14-16% injection level, stored overnight (when purge was measured) and cooked. Yield values demonstrated that the Citri-Fi variables produced less purge and gene-rated higher yields compared to the control containing phosphates. Not only did the Citri-Fi improve yield, but Citri-Fi also produced chickens with exceptional sensory appearance in addition to reduced sodium compared to the phosphate-contain ing control. The reduced purge and increased yields provide customers with opportunities to reduce costs and increase their profit line. 

Citri-Fi’s unique functionalities also provide benefits in other meat application types such as ground meats. This natural citrus flour provides cost saving opportunities by extending ground meats. Citri-Fi 125FG or Citri-Fi 100 are ideal when used at less than 1% along with additional water. 

In another study conducted at Iowa State University’s meat lab, ground beef (80/20) was prepared, formed into patties and then cooked by using several different cooking methods. Post-cook yields were determined and cost comparisons were made after factoring in the original formula and yield losses.

The study also demonstrated Citri-Fi 125’s umami flavour enhancement during sensory evaluations due to the Citri-Fi 125FG flavonoids and/or salts present. This functional flavour approach allows manufacturers to not only increase yields and lower costs, but also to replace synthetic ingredients often used to provide savoury flavours like umami. 

New meat product technologies
Fiberstar continues to develop new meat product technologies. Citri-Fi provides several functional benefits which include: yield improvement, reduced syneresis, moisture management, allergen removal (e.g. soy) and superior texture.
These functionalities benefit various meat applications such as:


  • Injected beef, pork or seafood
  • Minced or canned meats
  • Frozen meats
  • Vegetarian meat analogues such as patties, links and ground crumble

John Haen concludes, “We are devoted to using our patented citrus fibre technology to provide the evolving marketplace unique solutions. Clean label phosphate replacement in meats is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating value-added technologies to better the food industry. Our team is excited to demonstrate Citri-Fi’s value within the growing clean label food segment.”



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