Red and white wine extracts

Red and white wine extracts

30 October 2018

The wine extracts from Grap’Sud are produced from selected wines sourced directly from local farmers

Located at the heart of the vineyard and close to the winegrowers and winemakers, all Grap’Sud production plants enjoy their proximity with the winemaking environment. This particular relationship with the wine producers allows Grap’Sud to select wines of good quality meeting qualitative criteria to produce their red and white wine extracts. 

The result of this fine selection is a range of high quality red and white wine extracts which are used for culinary bases, sauces and marinades as well as for soft drinks. 

The liquid concentrate is obtained from selected red and white wines by vacuum distillation and concentration. The wine extracts are also available in powder form.

The use of extracts gives the following advantages:

  • a reduction of volumes to handle compared to the liquid forms (1 kg concentrate = 35 L of wine),
  • an easier administration (alcohol <0.5% v/v),
  • a better stability of the product to which it is added.