Ready-to-use blends for meat & fish alternatives - 100% natural

Ready-to-use blends for meat & fish alternatives - 100% natural

06 April 2022

Plant-based meat product formulation made easy

It can be a tricky and a lengthy process to formulate well-functioning, tasty plant-based meat products while matching the many diverse requirements from the market such as clean label, allergen-free and high in protein. But why not cut down on the product development phase and use a 100% natural ready-to-use blend you can style and put your own mark on?


We offer a range of ready-to-use structured plant-based blends excellent for creating tasty meat alternatives for vegan or vegetarian applications. They look, smell, and taste like meat, and provide a complete protein structure that mimics the bite and juiciness of meat thus giving a great meat-like mouthfeel.


Very easy to use

Our vegan blends are unique in the way that they offer a 100% natural ready-to-use blend that is very easy to process and a simplified label with no or few additives. The series consists of various blends tailored to different needs or specific uses including blends providing realistic meat-like colour for fresh applications and a brownish after-cooking/baking colour. There is also a vegan blend completely free of allergens, addressing the soy-free/gluten-free market niche (made with textured pea protein).


Lots of opportunities for getting creative

All blends have an umami flavour and can be combined with any flavour giving unlimited options for creating vegan meat alternatives. The vegan blends are excellent for e.g. plant-based sausages, burgers, nuggets, meatballs, and fish applications. They are also excellent for hybrid products where they replace part of the meat content.



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