RSPO certified KOLB products

11 May 2015

RSPO certified KOLB products

Alsiano now sells KOLB products with RSPO certificate



Consumer awareness about palm oil is significant and growing, both for food and non-food products. The industry has to source sustainably in order to retain customer loyalty in the sector where brand is the main equity.

An updated version of the RSPO Supply Chain Certification standard has been released last November. For traders and distributors it is no longer mandatory to certify their supply chain. They require a licence from RSPO to sell RSPO certified products.


When selling RSPO certified products the certification number of the product manufacturer must be passed on and the applicable supply chain model (e.g. Mass Balance or Segregation). This is an important step in transforming markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm and making it available to all, not only the big players.

KOLB offers the choice to buy palm (kernel) oil derivatives with RSPO certification. Alsiano has applied for this distributors’ licence and can start selling KOLB’s products with RSPO certificate.

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