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Products for solid & liquid cleaning agents

Products for solid & liquid cleaning agents

09 October 2014

BK Giulini offers a broad range of phosphates for washing and detergent formulations including virtually dust-free and uniformly dyed phosphates in a wide colour range


By BK Giulini

Thanks to their excellent calcium binding capacity and dispersing properties, phosphates are used successfully in many washing and detergent formulations. Sodium and potassium phosphates in powder, granular or liquid form create the basis for many formulations.

BK Giulini, part of the ICL Group, is renowned and appreciated for the high, consistent quality of their products and the competence of their specialists.

MAKROPHOS® 1018 is very popular in the dishwashing industry and is mainly used in dishwashing detergent formulations. Taking into account the growth of dishwasher tablets, BK Giulini has developed MAKROPHOS® 1018 T. Both products disperse very well in use and dissolve as required.

MAKROPHOS® 1018 is easily compacted, giving the finished tablet the necessary shelf life and strength.

To visualise product properties and differentiate between the cleaning agents, BK Giulini offers almost completely dust-free and uniformly dyed phosphates in a wide, attractive colour range. Depending on the dye, these can be used both in laundry and dishwasher detergents and complete the MAKROPHOS® product line.

MAKROPHOS® coloured

•    Sodiumtriphosphate in the colour of your choice!
•    The synergy of colour and active substance




•    Sodiumcarbonate in the colour of your choice!
•    Another option to bring colour into your product


      …for your process:


•    High and fast solubility
•    Easy pressable & easy dosage handling
•    Good flowability



Sodium phosphates
MSP, DSP, TSP - powder, granular
TSPP, SAPP, STPP, SHMP - powder, granular
Makrophos, Makrocarb - powder, granular

Potassium phosphates
MKP, DKP, TKP - powder, granular
TKPP - powder, granular, liquid
KTPP - powder, granular, liquid