Pharmaceutical excipients present in your daily life

20 November 2014

Pharmaceutical excipients present in your daily life

BLANVER launches TABDONE® CL Crospovidone – a new effective super disintegrant agent for solid dosage forms

By Blanver

TABDONE® CL Crospovidone is a super disintegrant agent widely used in solid pharmaceutical forms due to its high capillary activity and moisture content without gel formation.

The combination of TABDONE® CL‘s particular properties, chemical structure and particle morphology results in the benefit of a tablet’s rapid disintegration - independent of its size - by swelling without gel formation, thereby promoting accelerated dissolution without blocking or limiting the release of the APIs.

Its porous and granular nature also facilitates low compressible APIs compression, resulting in tablets with higher hardness and less friability.

Because of its effectiveness at low levels, TABDONE® CL is ideally suited for use in formulations where there is not much room for a disintegrant.

TABDONE® CL can be used in tablets manufactured by direct compression, wet and dry granulation.

TABDONE® CL characteristics
• Promotes rapid disintegration in solid formulations;
• High compressibility which is ideal in use with low compressibility APIs;
• Presents an anionic character not forming complexes with ionic APIs.

Recommended use levels
Using 2-5% TABDONE® CL in solid formulations will improve the disintegration combining several mechanisms of action.

Regulatory Information
CAS: 9003-39-8

For further information about TABDONE® CL, please contact Alsiano.


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