Organic fruit sugars - the natural choice

20 March 2015

Organic fruit sugars - the natural choice

Nutritis, pioneer in tailor-made 100% fruit sugars, offers a wide range of organic sweetening solutions that combine naturalness, respect for agricultural resources and nutritional benefits

Nutritis has developed an innovative concept of 100% fruit sugars that can be used for numerous applications such as preserves, compotes, desserts, dairy products, cereal bars, ice-creams, sorbets and soft drinks. Divided into mono-fruits and multi-fruits, Nutritis offers different organic sweetening solutions certified by ECOCERT and Agriculture EU:


  • Ex Grape Sugar® BIO - 100% grape sugar
  • Fructisweet® BIO - tailor-made sweetening solutions
  • Fructilight® BIO - the lowest    glycaemic Index on the market

Here is a brief introduction to the various natural sugars that Nutritis produces from fruit:




(Deionised Fruits Juice Concentrates)


exGrape® SUGAR BIO (or Rectified Grape Juice Concentrate) is an organic solution of sugars from the grape with its natural composition of sugars: 52% fructose and 48% glucose. This sugar is obtained from a White Grape Juice Concentrate where only the sugars and the water of the fruit are kept and making labelling such as “without sucrose added” and “100% extracted from fruits” possible.


FructiSweet Original® BIO has the composition of sugars (fructose, glucose, sucrose and sorbitol) naturally present in the fruits. In this range of products, Nutritis offers Apple Sugar which allows obtaining for example products “100% from Apple”.



(Sugars Extracted from Fruits)


FructiSweet® BIO (50-60 and 75) are standardised products taking care of the quality and the price aspects of the liquid sugar solutions. These solutions of glucose and fructose coming from fruits only (apple and grape) are tailored to the customer’s needs and process.


The fructose has a very high sweetening power, so the more fructose you use, the less sugar you need to add to your product. The solutions are at 70 brix because the fructose does not crystallize at this level (contrary to glucose). As the rate of various sugars is controlled, the FructiSweet products always have the same characteristics independent of the quality of the harvest. Finally, as we can switch from one fruit to another, the price of these sugars does not depend on the market of the fruit, which for grapes can be quite unstable and for apples very unstable.


At the moment, the most popular FructiSweet is the FructiSweet 50 which is exactly the same product as a Rectified Grape Juice Concentrate apart from the fact that it is not produced from grape. This is interesting because grape prices can vary quite a lot whereas this product has a much more stable price. FructiSweet 50 is also available in the organic version.


FructiLight® BIO (FructiSweet®95 BIO) has the lowest Glycemic Index of the calorific sweeteners on the market (GI=11.9) and thanks to the patented process it only containsfructose from fruits (contrary to other types that are from corn). FructiLight BIO has a sweetening power higher than sucrose, so decrease of quantities means decrease of calories. The product has a very high purity (no flavour), it is very stable, has excellent organoleptic properties and is without GMO, gluten or allergens.



All Nutritis sugars allow the mentions “100% from Fruits” and “Natural Fruit Sugars” on the front packaging. It is also possible to claim the low calories/sugar content with Fructi-Sweet 75 and 95 and low GI with FructiSweet 95.

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