Nu-SORB blends oils into powder

27 May 2020

Nu-SORB blends oils into powder

Ribus Inc. launches alternative to silicon dioxide in high oil systems

Nu-SORB™ offer producers of high oil ingredients an alternative to synthetic carriers such as silicon dioxide. This blend of ingredients provides the oil holding capacity necessary for the production of capsules, tablets, powders and food products. Nu-SORB™ Oil, which is made from rice fibre, oat fibre and sunflower lecithin, can be declared on a label as a “fibre blend”. Available in conventional and organic grade.


Nu-SORB™ Oil

  • Label as “fibre blend”
  • Ingredients: rice fibre, oat fibre, sunflower lecithin
  • Usage rate – 1-3 %


Nu-SORB™ Water (coming soon)

  • Label as “fibre blend”
  • Ingredients: rice fibre, psyllium fibre, banana flour
  • Usage rate – 2-5 %


The final powder mix can be directly compressed to solid dosage forms after homogenisation (mixing).


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